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So after years of working in an office, then the past six months working from home, I was feeling completely sluggish in both mind and body. I know I’m always much happier when I’m eating healthily, exercising and being creative, especially writing. So what have I done this year to keep my writing life fun?

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It’s been fantastic to have been able to fully immerse myself into the writing process however I have also found it mentally challenging at times. A few things have helped me along the way and I thought it might be of interest for some of you too.

Firstly I set myself a schedule. Originally I sat down for an hour at 4pm each day before cooking dinner for the family. Then, I came across the most wonderful online group who were meeting once a day on Zoom to sit and write in silence, together but all working on our own projects. This has been invaluable for me and recently I’m joining them most days for all three sessions. During the past five months I have written around 130,000 words, this does not include all the hand written morning pages! There really is something so powerful about a group of people working together. Please find out more about this fabulous group below https://writershour.com/

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Secondly eating healthily really does make me feel so much better mentally and physically. By being at home I technically had more time to prepare better meals and healthy snacks. This, however, has also meant I’ve had more access to unhealthy snacks. Considering that I do the shopping I only have myself to blame, just because it’s gluten/dairy free does not mean it’s good for me! So I got back in touch with the fabulous Helen who set me back on track with my diet. Within a week I was feeling so much better and feeding my family properly too. The link is below https://www.foodisglorious.co.uk/

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Thirdly after a few weeks of trying to keep up with the fabulous Joe Wicks and his PE training I decided to return to what I know best, yoga and meditation. For me this does not need to be something requiring all the right clothing, expensive mat and be trying to get myself in (and out) of complex poses. I prefer to literally just go with the flow. Somedays I follow a video on youtube and other times it’s just a backstretch part way through the day or a few rounds of sun salutations before breakfast. The same is true with meditation. I can choose to just sit in the garden and meditate for a few moments or use a guided meditation I’ve found online. I’m not going to recommend anyone here as I feel it’s a very personal thing. You need to find a teacher or program that you feel comfortable with and enjoy.

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I’m also lucky enough to have four wonderful children aged 16-28 who are my sounding boards, as I am theirs. My eldest son has been helping me to edit my manuscript and as, not only an avid reader, but a talented Life Coach he’s pretty good at helping me to stay vaguely sane too. If you’d like to find out more about him here is the link https://www.facebook.com/BrandonLawsonCoaching

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Oh, and find fun stuff to do, I managed to do a few awesome things this year. It turns out I can grow things in my garden other than wild flowers… who knew! I also, passed my motorcycle theory test and started taking my big girl bike lessons on the 500cc, super nerve wrecking but soooo cool! Hopefully I’ll get to take my test next year!

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Finally, play your music loud and dance like a loon!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I’d love to hear what things you have found helpful for you in your writing process.

Take care, stay safe, Namaste

Claire x

P.S. My forth novel is currently on the third rewrite, yep, rewrite, not just editing. It’s taking a bit more work than I’d planned as my editor and I decided that having the book in first person rather than third would work much better.