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The novella Double Thinking Girl is taking the world by storm!

Double Thinking Girl

Mandy counteracts her family breaking down with a lot of double thinking, find a love of yoga and coffee along the way.

“Mandy allowed herself the time to relax. She Youtubed yoga and tried to follow the sun salutation… According to the lady on the video, she should feel calm, energised, and connected to the universe. Instead she was now confused, exhausted and disconnected from her left hip!”

Twisted Fate

Blurb – It is 2001 and Natalie Walsh is successful in her career, has great friends and subsequent social agenda. She is not looking for love but serendipity takes a hand and leads her towards Matt Samson, a down-to-earth Farm Manager. Fate however steps in and twists her life into an unrecognisable form. How will she put her life back together or more’s the case, does she want her old life back? If she does, is it possible after her course has changed? A heart-warming story of love, loss and acceptance. You will laugh and cry your way through Natalie’s trials and tribulations. And at points wish you could just reach into the book and give her a supportive hug. Claire enthuses that, “I hope readers enjoy reading my book just as much as I loved writing it.”


Blurb – Daisy and her children are starting over but despite having all the best intentions in the world she is failing miserably. Yet the wilting Daisy grows stronger as she attends reunions and chances new friendships. Life changes and Daisy holds strong against the storms, join her in her quest for normality… whatever that might be.


I’m always so excited to hear your feedback, so will be looking on amazon for your fabulous review!!

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