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For me there is something magical about curling up with a book and listening to the rain coming down outside. Today I’m reading Lucy Dillon – All I Ever Wanted and I’m at a part where **spoiler alert** her bathroom floods and her kitchen ceiling caves in. Having had this happen in our garage conversion earlier in the year from storm damage, I totally understand her distress. As I sit here listening to the rain outside I can also hear the constant dripping into buckets inside. Although the roof is booked in to be fixed this month there is still the fear that this rain might worsen the situation, how so I’m not sure and I try to pull myself out of my world and back into Caitlin’s. I want to fully immerse myself in her world again.

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I consider how people feel reading my books. When my debut novel ‘Twisted Fate’ was released I was overwhelmed by the reaction I received from readers. I had many messages of embarrassingly crying in public whilst reading my book, men and women alike. It got to the point where I learned to know where friends and colleagues were in the book by how excited, devastated or elated they were in their regales of the previous evenings reading. Although I felt guilt at times, I have to admit that the writer inside me did a serious happy dance. These emotions that they were expressing were because they had connected with my characters! How awesome is that?

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So as I’m working on my fourth novel I’m reminded of the heart and soul that was poured into that book. I obviously can’t speak for every writer but I feel what my characters are feeling, hence why I don’t write horror! So if they are moody, excited or upset, so am I. There have been many points over the years where I have pressed on with chapters purely to get my character, and ultimately you my devoted readers, out the other side of a traumatic situation.

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I love how as a writer I can convey this through my words and storytelling so you too can sit and enjoy being part of my imagined world. And equally I am forever grateful to my fellow writers who allow me to share in their worlds too. I’m off to go see how Caitlin and Eva’s story ends. No more spoilers I promise.

Happy reading, much love,

Claire x

P.S. This post was inspired by a fabulous quote during Writing Hour today πŸ™‚

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