Our Children’s Book Series

We are proud to present our Nanny Pam series. Based on my two eldest children’s adventures with their wonderful Nanny Pam. Originally made to be a surprise Christmas present for her, these have become sort after books by children & adults alike.

DSC_0242 (2)

When I wrote these and my daughter illustrated them, we were overwhelmed by the response. Our hope is that they become part of your family library; whether read by parents/carers to children or by older siblings to younger ones, or children to read themselves.

Our aim is to bring the love of reading to all & for Nanny Pam to become part of your family too. Enjoy!

Nanny Pam Takes the Children to Feed the Ducks

Blurb – Enjoy the first in a series of adventures starring Nanny Pam, Brandon & Shannon. A simple trip to feed the ducks becomes a memorable day for the grandchildren who love nothing more than splashing in puddles and picnicking with the teddies. Join them on this fun day!

Nanny Pam joins a Band

Blurb – Join Nanny Pam for another fun-filled day with Brandon and Shannon. With a few musical instruments, some fabulous clothing and lots of giggles, everyone has a great day at Nanny Pam’s house. This is the second book in the new Nanny Pam series.

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