Hi, Lovely to see you here.

I would like to share a quick feel-good tip with you.

close up of crystal ball

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After doing my level one Reiki qualification many years ago, one of the best things I learned was the need to protect your own energies. So every morning I spend just a couple of moments wrapping myself in a big energy blanket to protect my energies and keep me healthy, wealthy, happy and safe. I then imagine I’m putting my shields up like one The Incredibles and deflecting negativity. I then ask that the positivity sprinkles over me like a snow globe.

So the other week when I spotted a snow globe that you can pop your own photo into it I was so excited. I bought it and cut a photo out and wrote my wish on the back of the photo. Then every time I pass it, I shake it and literally see myself sprinkled in positivity.

I find this to be a powerful reminder that I am safe and on track to accomplish my dreams.

Wishing you the most wonderful weekend.

Claire x