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So after months of trying to remember my password, and trying to prove I’m not a robot, I’m back! It appears that as a human I cannot tell the difference between a car and a shop front, so it is assumed, by a computer, that I’m a robot!

However, having escaped cyberspace purgatory I consider that if in fact I was a robot I would remember my password!

These things are best remembered when I’m not in overwhelm. I mean, is it just me who forgets passwords, my children’s names and to pay for their school dinners?

For me, I’m busy panicking because I ate a gluten and dairy free chocolate brownie or ten rather than going to yoga! Namaste.

This is a great week. It is half term and I have booked the week off work and have camped out in my living room, with my fabulous new sofas and my tiny laptop.

It is my own version of a writing/yoga retreat and there has been much writing and there might even be the odd sun salutation thrown in!


woman in pink crew neck t shirt and black leggings standing near white wall

Photo by Tim Savage on Pexels.com


I believe that making time for yourself and the people and things you enjoy does not have to cost a fortune and involve a lot of stress, it can literally be switching off from normality and doing what you love.



My achievement list reads (and it’s only Wednesday) – these are in no particular order

A strong 8,000 words on my new book written
Eaten the biggest fry up in the world
Drunk many, many cups of coffee
Watched some of my favourite films
Visited my Dad – to take him his Christmas present (you see how caught up in overwhelm I’ve been)
Shot cuddly toys and drew a lama with my daughter & granddaughter
Shaved my legs
Smiled a lot
Watched a Joanna Penn Webinar and got even more fired up about my new book, enough to sort out this website
Spent time with my teenagers
Caught up with my eldest son on the phone for a proper chat
Decluttered the living room to make space for the new sofas
Lit candles, just because

So for me this week has been magical and fantastically therapeutic.

I have many more thing to do before returning to work but it has been a well deserved break.

I hope you are having a glorious week too, whatever you are doing.

Please follow and sign up for updates in the form on the Welcome page. It would be great to hear how you are doing too. It really has been far too long.

Love Claire x