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The last few weeks, in fact, months have flown by. I have been rushed off my feet, which not for a second am I complaining about, I love it! Someone mentioned Christmas to me a few days ago and I nearly choked! Christmas, I have barely recovered since the last one!

From the Bookfest for the U3A to the World Book Night to now I have been to the Octavia Hill museum, the Angles Theatre, joined Downham Market Art Committee, the Marshland St James Spring Spectacular, and on a few chill-out trips to clear out the cobwebs.

In between all this I have been working on the next book which is planned to be released next month (June), which is not far away.

My journey as of late has taken me to some fabulous places. I am finding a new interest in historical things and the boredom that was struck at school by these things and places is becoming interesting. I find myself going home and looking up more information, hungry for information. It will possibly be something that I incorporate into my books in the future. wbn2015 ty WBN logo in headline 11104063_10205423421537589_537961551_n bookfest 2015 d