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The article is now out in the ‘Your Local Paper’ King’s Lynn, of the U3A Bookfest that I was a guest speaker at on the 27th March. It was such a wonderful day and everyone was incredibly friendly.

Bookfest 2015 001

I was lucky enough to speak along side two very inspiring authors T M Payne and Elly Griffiths. They are both wonderful ladies who, like me, love what they do.

It is always interesting to hear how other people became authors. I don’t say writers purely because I feel the majority who have had our work published, were born writers; it was what we were meant to do.

The overwhelming urge to write and storytell everywhere we go is overwhelming and as we work in ‘normal’ jobs, something always seems amiss. Then one day we get the aha moment and we become the person we were meant to be.


Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean I don’t regularly doubt what I have chosen to do. It just means that when I commit to writing, I feel content. Scared, yet content.

Thank you to the U3A for inviting me, I had the most wonderful day.

If you would like to check out T M Payne & Elly Giffiths’ work here are the links.