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On hearing that Earth Hour was happening worldwide I informed the children that we would be taking part. I lit the candles & grabbed the pack of cards. My children are now tweenagers so I expected some form of conflict. Yet, as ever our children do, they surprised me.

They found torches so the bathroom light didn’t need to go on. Minecraft was switched off. Even mobiles were placed out of the way. We went the whole hog. Not even a kettle was boiled! I almost made a flask of coffee… but felt maybe that was an overreaction. We set up at the kitchen table & ate rice pudding. Because we were getting into the Eco swing of things we washed out the empty cans & used them as candle holders.

Earth Hour 2015

My favourite part was when they went to check that their older brother wasn’t cheating because he had his door closed & they were pleasantly surprised to find him reading by candle light!It was such a calm evening of laughter and conscious thought about the electric being consumed.

Earth Hour 2015 3

I was so proud when they requested that we do it every night. Later once the laptop was fired up again we thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the positive posts & how people all over the UK had enjoyed their evening too. A great way to bring aware while connecting people. I thoroughly recommend an evening by candle light for more than just Valentine’s day. Claire x

For more info follow this link http://earthhour.wwf.org.uk/