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Sometimes while I am up to my eyeballs, literally most of the time, I take a break. Where does this usually take me? Well, other than the local coffee shops, I like to take a wander around the charity shops.

Normally I can find the odd bargain or two and other times, I find something that goes on my wish list and it takes all of my willpower to not just hand over the money and claim it as my own.

On one particular occasion I discovered a little red suitcase. It was there in the window of a charity shop on the Steep Hill in Lincoln but was not for sale yet, as it was part of their window display. However, because I wanted it so bad I popped my name down for them to contact me once it was available. Why? I mean, it was just an old suitcase, I rarely travel so what was the point?


picture borrowed from (https://www.flickr.com/photos/woolgenie/7662451110/) who is also lucky enough to have one.

The point was that it reminded me of my childhood. It was identical to the one I had owned as a small child. It had traveled to London with me to visit my grandparents. It had held my dance costumes when I attended shows around the country. But to me it was worth far more than the £20 I paid for it. I almost wished for it to have been my old one and have my name written inside when I opened it. It didn’t but that didn’t matter.

So on my last visit to Lincoln I found this…

11045735_10205131669483970_882338831_o (1)

an old typewriter! Now my typewriter that I had learned to type on as a child, was cream and this one was blue. But strangely it was very similar to mine and the one I added to this website when I first started it.

My point is this… I didn’t buy it as it was £30, of which I did not have. However, I know that soon enough I will find one at the right time, in the right place, when I have the money to purchase it and it will become a part of my world, as it was all those years ago when I wrote my first little stories.

For now I will ring my parents and see if they still have mine.

Have a brilliant week and allow yourself time to daydream and reminisce. x