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Good Morning All

I like to keep you all updated with how the books are progressing, so I thought I would drop you a quick note.

The proofreading is well underway & my graphic designer is working hard to design a cover you will love.

I always get really nervous towards the end of the process as those little doubts creep in. I start worrying that you won’t like it, that the storyline is weak or… well the list goes on.

So I have returned home after deploying all the children to their relevant places, had breakfast & written a schedule for my day.

And just as I was about to press ‘start’ on the washing machine & head to my desk with all these silly doubts in my head, the doorbell goes.

Obviously I am secretly hoping someone has popped in for a coffee (that way I can have a valid excuse to procrastinate). Yet, it is a huge parcel!!

Yep, that made my day. It is a big box of Twisted Fate & Ups-a-Daisy that I ordered ready for events that are coming up over the next few weeks. Better than that it contains renewed hope.

I know that I can do this. Everyone hates editing. Even editors. Yet there in that box are the books that you have all loved so far & thus the reason I keep doing what I am doing.

So after my long, short note to you. I am off to get a fresh coffee & carry on…

Have a brilliant day. xx


Today is another editing day & I was trying to think of a picture that would inspire me & hopefully you to get those important jobs done. So I decided on this one… I hope it helps. Enjoy your day.